100 Ton Compression Load Weighbridge China Manufacturing For Sale

100 Ton Compression Load Weighbridge China Manufacturing For Sale

Truck Scale Introduction And Working Principle: Truck scale is also known as weighbridge, which is usually used to weigh trucks, filling trucks and other cargo loads, English for: truckscale, is the main weighing equipment for factories, businesses and other metering. Before the 1980s, the...

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100 Ton Compression Load Weighbridge China Manufacturing For Sale:


100 Ton Compression Load Weighbridge China Manufacturing For Sale Features:

1.The composition of the truck scale structure

Electronic truck scale is mainly composed of load-bearing platform, weighing instrument (hereinafter referred to as instrument), weighing sensor (hereinafter referred to as sensor) three main components, including connectors, limit devices and junction boxes and other components, according to the need The situation can also be equipped with printer, large screen display, computer management system and power supply and other external load-bearing platform - the weight of the object to the load cell mechanical platform, common steel structure and steel structure two types. The following are the same as the "

Weighing sensor - is the core component of the truck scale, plays the weight value into the corresponding measurable electrical signal role, its advantages and disadvantages directly related to the quality of the entire weighing instrument.

Weighing indicator - used to measure the sensor transmission of electrical signals, and then through the special software processing to display weight readings, and data can be further passed to the printer, large screen display, computer management system.

2.The work of the principle of truck scale

The weight or truck is placed on the load-bearing platform, under gravity, through the load-bearing platform to the gravity transmission to the load cell. After the load cell is stressed, the elastomer deforms, the strain gauge bridge attached to the elastomer is out of balance, and the electrical signal proportional to the weight value is output, and the signal is amplified by the linear amplifier. And then converted into a digital signal by A / D, by the instrument's microprocessor (CPU) on the weight of the signal processing directly after the display of weight data. After configuring the printer, you can print the recording of the weighing data, if the configuration computer can enter the measurement data into the computer management system for integrated management. The electronic truck scale is weighed by strain test. A strain gauge is attached to the elastomer of the load cell to form a Wheatstone bridge. At no load, the bridge is in equilibrium and the output is zero. When the elastomer is subjected to a load, the strain gauges produce a strain proportional to the load, and the external load can be measured by the output voltage.

3.The characteristics of digital electronic truck scale

Digital electronic truck scale to solve the transmission signal weak and interference problems - digital communication; digital electronic truck scale to solve the problem of partial load temperature and solve the time effect creep problem - intelligent technology; digital electronic truck scale without weighing display Reducing truck failure failure rate - Digital calibration technology.

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