What Is The Bluetooth Kitchen Scale

- May 31, 2017 -

Now because the electronic scales are easy to use, so the use of electronic scales on the market more and more, the same product, if its audience is so much so that the development of such products will become faster, electronic scales are no exception, with the The development of electronic scales, more and more technology is applied to the development of electronic scales, one of the more practical is the Bluetooth Kitchen Scale. What is the Bluetooth Kitchen Scale?

Bluetooth Kitchen Scale is based on the original ordinary electronic scale, joined the Bluetooth mode, making the electronic scale can be transmitted through a certain distance within the signal data, through the application software to write, to connect multiple electronic scale products, eliminating the need for traditional Electronic scales of the long wire, chaos and other issues, so that the use of electronic scales simple and convenient.

Bluetooth Kitchen Scale can be said that the express industry is essential to weighing the settlement operations, help a major tool for the development of electronic scales can effectively reduce the idle problem, while reducing the handling workload, more to the use of electronic scales , But also to make the production space utilization higher.

Bluetooth Kitchen Scale compared to ordinary electronic scales, in the mobile weighing has a better effect, as long as the Bluetooth signal reception range, where can use the electronic scale, and the data can be transmitted directly into the computer, through The corresponding software to read and store the relevant data.

Ordinary electronic platform scales can be connected to the computer through the RS232 interface, can only be one or one or more than one to join the interface to achieve more than one, this docking way, not only trouble and more cable, not easy to use also looked at chaos. We Shanghai Jiayi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Bluetooth Kitchen Scale, you can through the same frequency band so that multiple devices can be sent to a signal transmission device at the same time, so that office more concise, improve work efficiency.

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