Weighing Principle Of Truck Scale Sensor

- Jun 23, 2017 -

The structure of the truck scale sensor: the sensor by the resistance strain gauge, elastomer and detection circuit of these important parts. The elastic body (elastic element, sensitive beam) is elastically deformed under external force, so that the resistance strain gauge (switching element) pasted on it also deforms, and the resistance strain gauge will change its resistance Large or reduced) and then the corresponding measurement circuit to convert this resistance into electrical signals (voltage or current).

Truck scale sensor works: Truck scale generally has four sensors, one for each of the four corners, because the truck scale area is relatively large. The sensor is a bridge circuit (such as a Wheatstone bridge) consisting of one or more elastomers capable of deforming after force and resistance strain gauges capable of sensing this deformation, and the ability to fix the resistive strain gauge Elastic body and can transfer the amount of adhesive and protect the electronic circuit sealant and other three parts of the composition of the force sensor. Simply put the strain gauge attached to the elastic body, when the elastic body deformation, the strain gauge is also deformed at the same time the resistance value of the strain gauge changes, in order to achieve the purpose of measurement.

Truck scale

Impact of different environments on truck scale load cells:

1, high temperature environment on the truck scale sensor caused by melting material coating, solder opening, the elastic body structure changes in stress and other issues. For high temperature environment, the sensor is often used high temperature sensor; In addition, must be added with insulation, water or air cooling and other devices.

2, dust, moisture on the truck scale sensor caused by short circuit. In this environmental conditions should be selected very high density sensor. Different sensors are sealed in a different way, and their closures are very different. Common seal with sealant filling or coating; rubber pad mechanical fastening seal; welding (argon arc welding, plasma beam welding) and vacuum nitrogen filling. From the sealing effect, the welding seal is the best, filling the coating sealant for the difference. For the indoor clean, dry environment, the sensor can choose to seal the sensor, and for some in the wet, dusty environment, the work of the sensor should be selected diaphragm heat seal or diaphragm welding seal, vacuum Nitrogen-filled sensor.

3, in the corrosive environment, such as wet, acid on the truck scale sensor caused by elastic damage or short circuit and other effects, should be selected on the outer surface of the spray or stainless steel

Cover, good corrosion resistance and good sealing of the sensor.

4, the impact of electromagnetic field on the sensor output signal. In this case, the shielding of the sensor should be strictly checked to see if it has a good anti-electromagnetic ability.

5, flammable, explosive not only on the truck scale sensor caused by complete damage, but also to other equipment and personal safety caused a great threat. So the flammable, explosive environment, the work of the sensor on the explosion-proof performance of a higher demand: flammable, explosive environment must use explosion-proof sensor, this sensor sealed cover not only to consider its airtight, but also Taking into account the explosion-proof strength, and the cable leads to the first waterproof, moisture, explosion-proof and so on.

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