Weighing Load Cell Market Applications And Areas Of Possession

- Oct 20, 2017 -

Digital information technology advances by weight technology innovation, but also to promote the central parts of the weighing device "weighing sensor" digital. Due to the imitation of the structure of the load cell, the metal material of the elastic element, the mechanical processing and heat treatment process, the resistance strain gauge and the strain binder, the manufacturing process flow, the circuit compensation and adjustment, the protection and sealing, and the artificial aging experiment The So that the accuracy, stability and reliability aspects of the quality index is difficult to reach the increasingly carry out the new weighing technology request.

In this case, it is first thought that the amplifier shell is placed in the amplifier and A / D conversion circuit, that is, imitation sensor + digital transmission (amplification and A / D circuit), this load cell called " Digital weighing sensor "also known as the first generation of digital load cell. This sensor restrained the imitation of the load cell signal is small, short transmission interval, anti-interference and other defects. However, due to the sensor of the indicators by their own manufacturing, compensation and adjustment process is decided, so the digital load cell failed to fundamentally break the imbalance of the drawbacks of the sensor.

The second generation of digital weighing sensor technology to break the digital sensor is based on the increase in software intelligent compensation, after digital compensation circuit and process, stop linear, hysteresis, creep compensation, built-in temperature sensor, and then through the intelligent compensation software can be Stop real-time temperature compensation, address conditioning, remote diagnostics and calibration. However, this generation of digital weighing sensor intelligence level or failed to reach a complete application of intelligent, there are also low intelligence level, accuracy, stability and other constraints.

The presentation of the third generation digital load cell is a sign of the completion of the digital information of the load cell, which combines the analogue sensor, digital transmission (amplification and A / D conversion), sensor software compensation and intelligent control software It is possible to complete all or most of the functions such as weighing signal detection and disposal, logical discrimination, closed-loop control, dual-ring communication, cyclic self-test and self-diagnosis, automatic calibration and compensation, automatic calculation and so on. It can be a monolithic integrated structure, but also can be a separate modular structure. The latest third-generation digital load cells have been used in a variety of intelligent weighing system. Pass on our country

Sensor manufacturing industry quickly control the technology, arrived at the center of the parts I study and development, with a separate ability to match, the current digital truck scale equipment are third-generation digital intelligent load cell, is a real digital sensor.

According to the type of sensor output signal, the resistance strain gauge load cell is divided into imitation signal output imitation load cell (usually a load cell) and digital signal output digital weighing sensor.

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