Understanding Of The Importance Of Electronic Truck Scale Grounding

- Oct 20, 2017 -

In the daily monitoring, we found that many users lack the importance of electronic truck scale grounding awareness, simple grounding or even no grounding, the result is often affected by electromagnetic interference and even lightning damage. Therefore, the correct and reasonable grounding, can enhance the safety and reliability of electronic truck scale, to ensure the safe use of electronic truck scale and the amount of accurate and reliable. Here we come from three aspects to introduce.

First, the basic grounding: electronic truck scale can be welded or bundled in the foundation of the grounding network, and with the anchor bolts electrical connection, the formation of buried in the foundation of the grounding network for the platform, sensors and pipeline protection grounding, Resistance is less than 4 ohms.

Second, the weighbridge room grounding: by the pound of the base of the closed ring grounding device and the pound in the vertical and horizontal within the more than two main bars formed together, the pound room pile and the pound room grounding network welding connectivity. Pound room power must have a bottom line, the use of three-phase plug, while the power lines in the installation of power arrester, leakage protector and air switch, play a security role. Weighing instrument housing must be effectively connected, is conducive to depression or eliminate all kinds of electromagnetic interference.

Third, the lightning protection grounding: lightning rod, lightning device, lightning arrester, lightning rod and other lightning protection devices and grounding was radial or ring connected to each other. The lightning arrester is made of lightning wire, the material is (40) mm galvanized flat steel or cross-sectional area of not less than 95 square millimeters of multi-strand copper wire, and grounding connected.

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