Truck Scales Common Cheating

- Apr 05, 2017 -

1, is not at all points

Vehicle weighing pounds on the front and rear wheels when incomplete, due to the points in the Interior of the Division, vision restrictions cannot be discovered in a timely manner is exactly the points on measurement, and in product sales, this will seriously affect the accuracy of the weighing.

Exchange 2, vehicle registration

Exchange teams of two or more vehicle registration number, cart and trolley < heavy trucks and light vehicles weighing tare switched license plate, the car with cart pull the factory license plate, cart empty to leave in car weighing tare weight increase in part by carrying the weight compensation, companies lost.

3, remote control

The remote control vehicle drivers to use high-tech equipment, items into inventory or product weighing using the remote control changes the normal measuring and weighing data. Due to the remote volume is small, the weight is light, the driver of a vehicle simply pound a house key to put the remote in the Pocket near, you can change the weighing result, Secretary pounds is unable to detect it. This high-tech cheating has been found quite a few industrial companies, if not tackled expeditiously, the company lost is difficult to estimate.

4, using the second save

Vehicle drivers and Division point personnel acted in collusion with empty empty, pound division points on the vehicle after normal metering, driver small mobile vehicles, Division points change from scratch using measuring and weighing data enter a new license plates to save virtual item storage; this situation is extremely bad impact on the company.

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