Truck Scale Advantages And Disadvantages Of Shallow Foundation Pit With Excavation-free

- Apr 05, 2017 -

Truck scale installation of shallow Foundation pit in the ground, installed after the truck scales surface is flush with the ground.

Advantages: small footprint, without slopes. This way is suitable for sites smaller customers, but to ensure that the higher case.

Disadvantages: If near the low-lying easy rain-affected, on the other hand installed in the ground is not conducive to the maintenance and after-sale maintenance. Poor ventilation underground, platform affect the whole life.

Truck scale installation without foundation in the ground plane, truck scale surface high above the ground, needs to be done on both sides of the slopes, easy on and off.

Advantage: Foundation is relatively simple, easy maintenance, installed on the ground and pound body ventilation, extended points of life, above the ground to drain. Particularly suitable for venues large customers, or was already casting concrete on the ground trying to re-excavation.

Disadvantages: needs to be done on both sides of the slopes, covers an area larger than

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