Treatment Of Accuracy Based On Geomembrane Floor Scale

- Jun 13, 2017 -

The Floor Scale is a kind of measuring instrument which measures the quality of the object by using the principle of lever and Hooke's law. It has been widely used in industrial, commercial, agricultural, medical research and other fields, providing great convenience for people's life. At the same time, however, the accuracy of the Floor Scale is directly related to the fairness and fairness of people's daily transactions, and the accuracy is easily changed due to frequent use, unevenness and wear of the platform. Standards and methods. In order to ensure accurate and reliable value of the platform, we must pay attention to the accuracy of the platform test, in accordance with the national development of the uniform on the uniform management standards and assessment methods to strengthen the periodic Floor Scale, and for the common problems in the test targeted Processing methods to make the management of the Floor Scale more scientific and standardized.

First, based on the accuracy of the grading test method

However, in the large-scale loadometer test, there are often situations where the weight is insufficient. In order to ensure the accuracy of the loadometer test, an alternative method is used, that is, the heavier and stable weight, such as Rail, metal blocks, lead blocks, such as the scale of the exact value of the test. However, in the official test of the Floor Scale, the use of sufficient standard weight should be used for testing, and in the test conditions are indeed difficult and the accuracy of the platform is not too strict requirements, consider the use of alternative methods to ensure the accuracy of the test.

An alternative method

In the test of the quality of the W max increase in the value of the maximum level of thalane plot accuracy, if the test site only the quality of the standard weight m, and this time can not meet the weighing, you can add the thallium to increase the scale of the show The value of W max-m, after the replacement on the load-bearing plate, when the two sides at the same time to achieve balance, that is, to stop placing substitutes, and then set the weight of m weight on the load-bearing plate, In the increase thump disk, so that the scale of the indication to reach the maximum. If you do not reach the balance twice, you can remove or place the weight of the size of Δ m weight, so that the balance on both sides of the truck scale. When m ≥ 0.5Wmax, Δm ≤ 1/1600 maximum weighing value; when m ≥ 0.4Wmax, Δm ≤ 1/1900 the maximum value; when m ≥ 0.6Wmax, Δm ≤ 1/1600 maximum weighing value; Weighing value; when m ≥ 0.3Wmax Δm ≤ 1/2300 maximum weighing value; when m ≥ 0.2Wmax, Δm ≤ 1/3000 maximum weighing value. An alternative method is simple to operate and the accuracy is easily guaranteed. Due to metal objects in the quality of a certain error, too frequent replacement will affect the accuracy of the test.

2. Alternative method of thallium Floor Scale

In the load cycle test, should also increase the quality of thallium increase, which is conducive to ensuring the accuracy of the test, the general use of portable balance test, if not the conditions can be used to detect the alternative method. A qualified increase in the use of thallium Floor Scale when the relative error of ≤ 1/1000, when beyond the error range, loadometer measurement of the end of the lever will occur more than 3mm displacement. The use of alternative methods to increase the quality of the thallium to identify the process and an alternative process is basically the same, bearing weight on the plate does not change any time, when the two balance, the difference is limited to the sum of random errors, increase thallium quality error of about For the balance of the truck balance of 1/3, so that the error results meet the requirements. If the actual test can be carefully operated, the error range will be further reduced. It should be noted that the use of alternative methods to increase the quality of ternary to check the error, should choose a good measurement performance, high sensitivity of the loadometer, to minimize the replacement error.

reasonably extend the test cycle.

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