The Structure And Advantages Of Steel Mixing Truck Scale

- Oct 20, 2017 -

Also known as cement scale, and the biggest difference between the whole Truck Scale is the scale body structure is different, the former is reinforced concrete structure, which is all steel structure. These truck scale (truck scale common weighbridge) used by the instrument, junction box, printer sensor roughly the same, the composition of the characteristics of the cement scale: the use of professional profiles frame, the internal use of double cloth, the use of plug-type service life of more than 20 years , The specific parameters and construction process, please read the product cement scale.

The biggest difference is that the structure of the scale body is different, the former is the reinforced concrete structure, the latter is the whole steel structure. The concrete is the same as the steel structure. These truck scale (car weighs common weighbridge) used by the instrument, junction box, printer sensor roughly the same, working principle, lightning protection facilities are basically the same, the basis of the construction of truck scale, there is no essential difference in function. However, the cement scale in the production cycle than the steel structure is much longer, so to use the cement scale as a truck scale, then the best early consultation with the manufacturers earlier, in order to avoid delay in the use of truck time.


The use of precision reduction, short life and other issues, corrosion resistance, structural stability, since the major, positioning quasi-no deformation, maintenance-free, for the public pounds, chemical companies, port terminals, refrigeration industry, Of the industry.

1 lightning protection: thunderstorms so that the steel structure often appears to be struck by lightning phenomenon, resulting in unnecessary damage to electronic components, and the Truck Scale platform is a non-conductive body, allowing customers to reduce the sensor, weighing the display, the junction box was damaged by lightning The

2 Corrosion resistance: concrete can be resistant to chemical corrosion, especially for chemical erosion is particularly suitable for seaside wet areas.

3 anti-rust maintenance: concrete moisture, oxidation, Truck Scale platform, such as steel scales will be rusty, without years of paint maintenance.

4 long life: a top three. Concrete material strength is high, good rigidity, wear resistance, pressure, acid, alkali, the general life of six or seven years and the iron scale platform life is only a total of twelve years, so that is more than three times the life of steel scales The

5 good quality and stability: from the major, not Alice head, positioning quasi (swing small), no deformation, good stability and stability.

6 easy to lift: modular production so easy to lift freely.

7 high recovery value: cost is very high, quality and function far more than iron pounds, but the price and iron pounds quite. The normal use of three decades of cement pounds can be sold to buy half the price, is always a product.

8 international trends: cement electronic truck scale has been very popular in foreign countries, into the general stage of use, can make up for the defects of the steel structure weighbridge, replace the steel structure truck scale is an inevitable trend.

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