The Method Of Improving The Performance Of Truck Scale Sensor

- Jun 23, 2017 -

Large cargo weighing generally depends on the truck scale is what we say the weighbridge, and in the truck scale weighing process plays a major role is the sensor. Truck scale sensor is knowledge-intensive, technology-intensive and technology-intensive high-tech products, in the design of truck scale sensor, what methods can improve the performance of the sensor? See the following:

Truck scale picture

1, the difference method: the differential method is developed on the basis of the zero method, because the zero method requires the measurement and the standard quantity is exactly the same, which requires the standard quantity to be continuously variable, which is often not easy to do. However, if the difference between the standard amount and the measurement is reduced to a certain extent, the mother can greatly weaken the influence of the error of the indicator instrument due to their mutual offset effect. This is the principle of the error method. This method is widely used because it does not require the standard quantity to be continuously adjustable, and it is possible to read the value directly on the indicator instrument. Inductive micrometer is an example.

2, zero method: zero method is measured with the standard amount compared to when the balance, the instrument refers to zero, this time the measurement is equal to the standard amount. Mechanical balance is a typical example.

3, closed-loop technology: the use of negative feedback system composed of closed-loop system, you can make the system to widen the bandwidth, increase the dynamic range, improve sensitivity and resolution, improve stability, repeatability and reliability.

4, the use of compensation and correction technology: Sometimes the truck scale sensor is too complex, using a certain technical measures is still difficult to meet the requirements, or although to meet the requirements, but the cost is too high or too complex and no practical significance. It is possible to find out the direction and the value of the error, and to correct or correct the method. For example, non-linear, temperature difference and other commonly used method. Compensation and correction, you can use electronic technology through the line to solve, you can also use the microcontroller to achieve through the software. The latter application is more and more extensive.

5, integrated and intelligent: truck scale sensor integration and intelligent will greatly expand the loadometer sensor function, improve the performance of the truck scale sensor, improve performance and low cost.

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