- Apr 05, 2017 -

Main factors affecting truck prices are: (1) the specifications (raw materials), (2) tonnage (raw materials). Products are manufactured using raw materials (steel) will affect the truck pros and cons, truck prices will also be affected. Steel rare-element content is different, has different performance of its steel. Truck scale needed good toughness of steel, or after long term weighting, experience scale distortion. Later products weighing no, different prices for steel have great differences.

Spare parts for truck scales products price followed the main influencing factors are: sensors, instruments, computers, printers, and other factors. Product configuration options will also have implications in terms of price fluctuations. (Market price)

Truck scales products price must not be less than the raw materials needed to make everything, constantly pursue lower-price products, manufacturers will only choose inferior steel quality, lower-priced materials processing of scale. So it is difficult for product quality and quantity. So when the scale is selected, do not drive prices lower scale.

Buying advice: you can search on Baidu check out related manufacturers, General points in the fields of transportation costs (which said higher transportation costs) occupy a certain proportion in its production costs, so local manufacturers is reasonable, of course, pays to shop around.

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