Other Advanced Technology

- Apr 05, 2017 -

① address eccentric load error, four adjustments easy

Digital truck scale can automatically compensate and adjust for load and temperature effects of temperature changes, manually adjust the resistance has been changed, and computer output of each sensor's digital signal encoding and recognition using software to automatically adjust the angle difference, making errors more simple and accurate.

② fault diagnosis

Digital truck scale with advanced man-machine conversation interface, self-diagnosis function highlighting, use process can continue testing working conditions of truck scale, when a fault is detected, in time to send the wrong signal, accurately determine the point of failure, to avoid losses due to failure.

③ strong anti-interference ability

Digital sensor most electronic components installed in the sensor shield, high integration and high intelligence processing unit, separate a/d converters and digital signal output port, eliminating long distance transmission, low voltage signal, vulnerable to interference problems.

To prevent cheating: transmission of digital signal in password-protected, to avoid the truck scale remote control by lawless elements, put an end to the phenomenon of cheating.

Black Lightning capability

Sensor internal PCB lighting design to improve the lightning capabilities.

Analog modular steel structure of electronic truck scale Platform scale, high accuracy bridge strain analog sensors and static weighing control meter, sealing components, such as waterproof junction box

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