Main Features

- Apr 05, 2017 -

• Simulation of resistance strain sensor in bridge type, excellent moisture-proof seal, adapt to any adverse work environment.

• Intelligent instruments, a variety of display capabilities, large capacity storage, the standard serial output, with strong extensions.

Intelligent instruments: instrument according to demand, in order to meet the requirements of different users. Meter to display the date, time, car number and car number tare, gross weight, number, serial number, store number, tare, 200 vehicles have power protection. Weighing 1000 record storage, various types of statistical reports. Statistics number classification statistics, daily report, monthly report. Can improve the precision displays the current weighing 10 times. 10 price settings, storage, call to facilitate trade settlement. Intelligent judge battery power, automatically shut down to protect the battery. Continuous real time clock and date stop function. Quickly print weight note 1-4, Rs 232c serial data interfaces, with the large-screen monitor or attached to a computer

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