How To Maintain Electronic Floor Scale?

- Jun 23, 2017 -

How to maintain electronic Floor Scale? Electronic Floor Scale configuration mainly by the load-bearing force transmission institutions (scale body), high-precision weighing sensor, weighing the three main components of the instrument, which can complete the electronic weighing the basic weighing function, so the maintenance of electronic platform , Mainly for the three major maintenance of the main main.

1. Maintenance of the platform (more critical)

(1) scale platform around the gap may not have a stone, coal and other foreign matter.

(2) often check the limit clearance is reasonable, limit bolt and scale body should not collision contact.

(3) the connection once every six months maintenance, support the head coated with butter.

(4) It is forbidden to perform arc welding operation on the Floor Scale, if it is necessary to perform arc welding operation on the Floor Scale.

Please note the following: (disconnect the signal cable and the weighing display controller connection; arc welding ground must be set in the vicinity of the welded parts, and solid

Contact with the scale body; must not use the sensor to become part of the arc welding circuit)

2. Weighing display controller maintenance

(1) often check whether the wiring is loose, broken, ground wire is tight *.

(2) Weighing indicator When the controller is not used for a long time (such as more than a month), should be based on environmental conditions for power inspection, so as to avoid moisture or other adverse gas erosion affect reliability.

(3) Weighing display controller to avoid close to the heat source, vibration source.

(4) the use of the environment should not be flammable and explosive gases or dust.

(5) in the weighing display controller on the same phase can not be receptive load, such as doorbell and so on.

(6) Weighing indicator When the controller is not used for a long time, replace the fuse, move the position or remove dust, etc., be sure to cut off the power.

(7) Weighing display controller in the event of failure should be quickly power, and then notify the professional departments and personnel to check the order, the user may not arbitrarily open the chassis, but not free to replace the internal parts.

(8) Division personnel and instrument maintenance personnel are required through specialized training to engage in operation and maintenance.

3. Replace the sensor

(1) open the sensor (damaged) above the cover, with jack jack up the weighing platform, remove the sensor ground.

(2) Open the junction box and release the damaged sensor cable from the junction box. Pull out the cable at the sensor end. Note: In the drawing line, with a lead through the scale body, so that when the replacement of the new sensor, the cable through the scale body into the junction box.

(3) Referring to the method of the second item, the sensor cable is passed through the scale body into the junction box.

(4) according to the wiring diagram of the cable wire core fixed in the corresponding junction box on the junction box.

(5) release the jack, flat scale platform, cover the cover.

(6) After replacing the sensor, the truck scale must be reset and corrected.

(7) After the sensor is installed, its excess cable should be placed in bundles and shall not be placed directly on the base floor.

(8) In order to ensure the consistency and interchangeability of the sensor, the sensor cable can not be arbitrarily cut off.

(9) installation and removal process, shall not be scratched, bump sensor phenomenon, and to protect the cable.

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