How Do I Check The Truck Scale?

- Jun 13, 2017 -

After the car scale installed, the need for inspection and acceptance of truck scale, then how should acceptance? Where do you want to start?

Inspection of foundation construction

The basic construction inspection is to check whether the pit formation is smooth, whether cracks, honeycomb, foundation and foundation plate is horizontal, there is no hollowing phenomenon.

Installation quality check

Installation quality inspection is mainly to see whether the scale body is straight, the limit clearance is not reasonable, the sensor and the scale body is not horizontal and vertical, floor load and the pit base is no friction phenomenon, for multi-section electronic truck scale, see The overlap between the section and the section is not firm and reliable, the force transmission component and the electronic truck scale sensor force surface is not kept in the horizontal state.

Check the carrying capacity of electronic truck scale scale body

Method is that we impose a certain load on the scale, stay for some time later, look at the electronic truck scale scale body has no obvious deformation.

Maintenance of electronic truck scale maintenance

1, truck scale sensor around no dust, water, lead wire should not have trauma, sensor contact without corrosion, sensor lock parts shall not be loose, moving parts to be flexible.

2, instrument name brand, signs and other signs should be complete, shell, panel should be clean.

3, limit and scale body gap maintained between 3-10mm.

4, a variety of wiring to be correct, reliable, wiring to be neatly arranged, good insulation performance.

5, the power supply output power in the 220V plus 10% range.

6, instrument keys flexible and reliable operation. The display digital display is accurate, clear and stable.

7, electronic truck scale scale body is not allowed to jam around the phenomenon, the scale body and the surrounding gap 10-15MM, the degree of corrosion of the equipment to be less than the middle level, local no serious corrosion.

8, the equipment based on a solid crack, foundation pit and foundation plane without water, no dust, no debris.

9, electronic truck scale equipment, the main beam without deformation, the table to be clean.

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