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- Apr 05, 2017 -

Truck parts and accessories

Major part of truck scales for sensors, scales-table, meters, junction boxes, cable (no base)

Load-bearing and power transmission structure: the weight of the object is passed to the weighing sensor of mechanical platform, two types of common steel and reinforced concrete structures.

High-precision weighing sensor: is a key part of truck scales, plays the weight value is converted to a corresponding measurable electrical signal, it's directly related to the entire scale of quality. Weighing load cell weighing displaying instrument: used to measure the transmission of sensor signals, through special software displayed weight readings, and passes the data to the printer, large-screen monitors, computer management systems.

Truck scale accessories

Printer: print weight data form

Warning lights: three color alarm lights

The big screen: for remote reading

Computer management systems: used to weight the data for further processing, storage, transmission, and so on.

Scale connected to the computer, print pounds, is a new way of management; by a computer, printer, instrumentation, platform software components weighing

Management system on vehicles in two pounds, net weight of tare weight to be printed pounds gross weight;

Truck scales in different companies, and stress parameters and focus are not the same, but in general the

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