Electronic Truck Scale Operating Temperature And Storage Temperature

- Jun 13, 2017 -

Electronic truck scale operating temperature is mainly in the use of electronic truck scale, the ambient temperature of the highest and lowest value, the ambient temperature higher than the maximum operating temperature and lower than the minimum temperature, electronic truck scale can not guarantee normal work.

Electronic truck scale

Electronic truck scale storage and transportation temperature, that is, electronic truck scale in the non-working state, that is, the state can withstand the storage of the ambient temperature of the highest and lowest, more than after the boot work, the timely return to the acceptable temperature range of the use of temperature , There is no guarantee that the electronic truck scale can work properly.

Through the electronic truck scale operating temperature and storage temperature of the introduction, I believe we have the difference between the two have been understood, we must follow the instructions for reasonable operation, which can give full play to its ultra-high performance.

With the development of China's economy and the continuous innovation of technology, electronic weighing equipment has now developed into a major feature in the process of marketization, including the application of electronic truck scale is more extensive, then the electronic truck scale of the three main pillars of what The

Electronic truck scale

Electronic truck scale of the three main pillars are: electronic truck scale scale body, said the main channel and U-shaped steel for the steel beam. Electronic truck scale display instrument can be simply divided into two kinds, one for the printing, and the other for the non-printing. Electronic truck scale weighing sensor.

We must follow the instructions in the application of reasonable operation, so as to achieve higher construction efficiency, on the structural performance of more electronic truck scale, we will continue to organize for you, welcomed the timely access.

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