Digital Communication

- Apr 05, 2017 -

Digital electronic truck scales to solve the transmission signal weak and interference problems-digital communications ① analog-sensor output signal the biggest of dozens of MV, in the course of these weak signals over cable, are vulnerable to interference, resulting in system instability or measurement accuracy decreases. Digital output signal of the sensor at around 3-4V, its resistance to interference than analog signals hundreds of times to address transmission signals and interference problems

II using the RS485 bus technology, signal long-distance transmission, the distance of transmission is not less than 1000 m;

③ bus architecture for multiple weighing sensor application, in the same system can be up to 32 sensors.

Intelligent technology

Digital electronic truck scale solution unbalanced load time creep temperature and solving issues-technology

① the signal to prevent the use of a simple circuit to change weighing cheating;

II digital electronic automobile weighing apparatus can automatically compensate and the effects of adjustments due to unbalanced load and temperature changes. Uniformity, interchangeability, after multiple sensor parallel scales, available software methods realization of linear, correction and compensation to performance, reduce system errors, simplifying the scale body installation and commissioning, calibration and adjustment.

③ Automatic fault diagnosis, error code hinting feature.

④ When the load when it is added to a weight sensor for a long time, the output of very considerable changes, digital weighing sensor software through the internal microprocessors, automatic compensation of creep

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