Correct Selection And Operation Of Electronic Truck Scale

- May 31, 2017 -

Truck scale in the production of trade settlement and other fields widely used, due to the use of non-standard operators and other factors lead to truck scale will appear a variety of failures. In this paper, the use of expert interviews, observation methods and other research methods, the correct use of truck scale and troubleshooting in-depth discussion for the majority of truck users to provide reference.

The rapid development of today's society and the rapid progress of science and technology, truck scale is the use of strain test principle weighing the bulk of the goods, it is in the enterprise, mining, ports, warehouses and other places for the larger weighing goods gradually substitute With the development of economy, truck scale is widely used in more and more industries. It has the advantages of simple operation, short measurement time, fast data transmission and high measurement accuracy. In the actual use, due to the use of high frequency, improper operation and other reasons often appear a variety of failures; I have long engaged in the work of the truck calibration and maintenance work in the work practice summed up the correct use of truck scale and troubleshooting methods for The majority of truck users to provide reference.

  The correct choice of electronic truck scale installation location, to achieve the desired weighing performance is essential. Before the selection, the need to visit the installation site, through the correct choice of electronic truck scale installation site can give full play to the characteristics of high accuracy of the truck scale, improve the truck life.

  1, with independent power supply, to avoid the same frequency with the frequent start of electrical equipment, high-power electrical appliances and other power supply. Installation site to the principle of strong radio frequency interference sources, such as post and telecommunications, television stations and so on.

  2, the installation site should also consider the wind direction, try not to install the electronic truck scale in the "outlet", otherwise the monsoon blowing, the truck scale will not be able to show a stable and accurate indication.

  3, a comprehensive understanding of the installation site of the soil pressure, freezing and water level, confirm the local suitable installation, and then determine the specific construction program. Saline areas, rain, and moisture areas are best not to install electronic truck scale in the pit. If you must install the foundation pit should consider the ventilation, drainage and maintenance space, etc., do not install in the vicinity of large substations.

  4, with a relatively spacious installation site, there are enough space to build the upper and lower straight approach Road, the length of the approach is about equal to the length of the scale body; approach to prohibit the sharp bend, gentle slope is to slow down the car on the impact of weighing the impact of the sensor. The installation site should avoid high-voltage transmission lines, electromagnetic coupling and electrostatic coupling lead to transmission lines on the electronic truck scale signal line interference, and the longer the signal line, the more intense interference. Will be a good grounding of the metal mesh protective tube trap signal line, theoretically can inhibit interference, improve the accuracy of weighing.

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