Breakdown Maintenance

- Apr 05, 2017 -

1, small tonnage load display normal, close to 1/2 when weighing, weighing value suddenly increases. This phenomenon is more vertical spacing bolts between the roof and the gap is too small. When the load is increased, vertical bolts against the roof, measure to force display value suddenly became big.

2, small tonnage load properly. Load increased, showing significantly reduced, this phenomenon may be weighing sensor shield contact with scales or weighing sensor load limit device adjustment and weight has not been fully added to the weighing sensor.

3, weighing on the weights, but still "zero", possible causes are:

Function keys of the weighing displaying controller error, not weighing display status. May be weighing the total output of the sensor wire connector does not contact with the weighing sensor

4, Platform scale shaking is not flexible, ballast and display do not match. Balance between the body and the slope (or balance between pit) gap fillers, scale and ramp (or pit) connected to influence weighing.

5, the value is significantly lower than the value displayed after the load. Generally weighing sensor of excitation power supply failure.

6, after power up Monitor flashes a fixed font, regardless of the amount. Generally weighing sensor output signal and shielding shorted, the weighing displaying controller enter a large-signal overload, available multimeter measuring between sensors and shields, and resistance between the ground wire, find the short circuit to exclude.

7, the printer does not turn, unable to work. Printer connector is bad.

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