Application Notice Of Truck Scale Installation

- Sep 25, 2017 -

Application notice of truck scale installation

Electronic truck scale is the use of more and more sophisticated measurement equipment in these years.What should be pay attention on the process of using truck scale.Let me share some skills as below,

1.The load cell should be put lightly for preventing to bump or fall,prevent out and damage caused by the performance.

2.The installing ground should be smooth,clean,flat and no oil slick.

3.Each loadcell should be kept in a flat.

4.Ensure the load cell loading direction should be consistent with the specified direction when install the truck scale.It is to avoid additional lateral force, bending moment and the role of torque.

5.It should be set some "baffle" around loadcell or covered it partially with a rubber sleeve.It is to prevent tarnish truck scale load cell and its moving parts so as not to affect the weighing precision. Although truck scale is with overload protection,it should not be overload in the process of install. Otherwise,it may cause permanent damage. You can use the equivalent height object with loadcell instead in the process of installing.Replace the object when finished at last.

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