Analysis On The Strategy Of Checking Period Of Truck Scale

- Jul 05, 2017 -

Electronic technology, in improving the lives of residents play an important role. The application of electronic truck scale in depth, to enhance the stability of the application of electronic equipment is of great significance, how to enhance the efficiency of electronic truck scale applications worthy of attention. Based on its own practical experience, this paper analyzes the current electronic truck scale cycle test strategy, and discusses its maintenance methods, in order to maintain the stability of electronic truck scale operation.

Actively carry out the electronic truck scale periodic verification work, help to improve the efficiency of electronic truck scale management, to ensure that the application of electronic truck scale temperature has a key role. Therefore, in-depth analysis of its cycle test strategy, and to explore its maintenance method is significant.

First, the electronic truck balance cycle test strategy

1, electronic truck scale cycle test principle

In the management of electronic truck scale, should be based on the following factors to develop a cycle of verification work:

1) the life cycle of different electronic truck scales;

2) the technical level of electronic truck scale use personnel;

3) the actual working environment in which the electronic truck scale is located;

4) continuous or intermittent operation time of electronic truck scale;

5) the type of electronic truck scale and the number of how much;

6) the length of time spent using electronic truck scales per month;

2, electronic truck scale cycle test steps

In order to effectively carry out the electronic truck scale cycle verification work, should start from the following aspects:

1) Actively carry out research and analysis of electronic truck scale, and earnestly understand the types, quantity and location of electronic truck scale used. Doing the management of electronic truck scale is the basis of periodic verification work. Therefore, in the actual management work, should continue to improve the electronic truck scale, including the number, size, location and other management information, so that the staff can check the first time to check the required electronic truck scale, to enhance its management efficiency.

2) procurement cycle testing required for the measurement of standard equipment and auxiliary equipment, and improve the verification system. In the actual work of the instrument on the basis of the management information, it should begin to improve the management system of the cycle of verification, and according to the actual needs of the procurement needs of targeted measurement of the standard equipment and auxiliary equipment. The purpose of the preparation of the periodic verification system is to clarify the different measurement standards corresponding to the periodic verification work and the flow from the measurement standard to the product. In the actual work of the cycle test, it is helpful to analyze the periodic work But also the lack of measurement standards, which according to this information to improve the corresponding cycle test measurement standards. In addition, the active preparation of the verification system, can clearly and clearly reflect the different electronic truck scale measurement of different cycle testing methods and key technical indicators, which for the cycle of the staff more skilled to understand the verification process and the contents of different measurement standards Has a very important role.

3) to develop electronic truck scale cycle test work plan, guide the cycle to carry out the work carried out. In the full understanding of the number of electronic truck scale, model and location, as well as the preparation of the electronic truck scale verification system, you can begin to enter the cycle of work plan development work. After completing the monthly quiz program, you can consider arranging the next year's cycle checklist to ensure that all electronic truck scales are included in the scope of the cycle check.

In the electronic truck scale cycle test plan preparation work, the most difficult content is how to more scientific and reasonable to determine the cycle of the best cycle of the length of the problem. If the test is made

The cycle time is too long, it will cause some of the electronic truck scale in the specified test cycle has been invalid; and if the development of the test cycle is too short, it will lead to electronic truck scale handling frequency is too high, affecting the electronic truck scale Application stability, but also greatly increased the workload of the cycle test staff.

Among them, the length of the electronic truck scale test cycle, and the importance of its electronic truck scale, the use of electronic truck scale stability, the actual application of electronic truck scale frequency, electronic truck scale work

Environmental factors such as good or bad.

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