Analysis Of The Use Of Electronic Truck Scale

- Sep 29, 2017 -

In order to better meet the needs of customers electronic truck scale, the general expansion of the electronic truck scale for the following, let's take a look at the following:

One, static and dynamic dual-use (static and dynamic dual-use electronic truck scale)

It is mainly composed of weighing platform, weighing sensor and weighing display controller, according to the different needs of customers configure the computer, printer, large-screen display computer multi-machine communication and other components, with dynamic and static weighing , Digital display, print, report and data processing and other functions, suitable for large traffic occasions.

Compared with the general electronic truck scale, dynamic and dynamic dual-use electronic truck scale on the basis of the construction requirements of different lines, such as the dynamic weighing of the vehicle channel should be dynamic weighing requirements of the construction, when the static weighing, the vehicle at low speed To the middle of the weighing platform after the light brake, after the static weighing; dynamic weighing, the vehicle at a certain speed along the channel even through the weighing platform, the vehicle through the scale platform process does not allow emergency braking.

Second, IC card type (smart electronic truck scale)

IC card type electronic truck scale management system is equipped with IC card reader, and weighing and display controller, computer and other components together constitute the intelligent electronic truck scale management system. Normally, an IC card reader that can enter the vehicle number is set directly at the vehicle entrance and exit. The vehicle number is directly input to an IC card. The driver carries the IC card and enters the vehicle into the work area. The driver can load and unload the material from any location in the work area with this IC card. These parts of the reader are connected with the management center of the computer, so the car into the work area in the management center under the computer monitoring, of course, including the vehicle tare, loading location and type, cycling load and cumulative Load and other weighing data are also timely input to the management center of the computer, in the same work area can be installed multiple electronic truck scale, they can be used alone, but also network use.

Third, the axle weight measurement (axle weight measurement of electronic truck scale)

At present on the road in accordance with the Ministry of Communications (overrun transport vehicles driving road management regulations) there are several supervision and inspection and charging management approach; highway administrative departments are overrun transport vehicles on the road when the supervision and management, generally they are used A method of inspecting the passing vehicle in a temporary manner. Weight overload limit selection of axle heavier than ordinary, not only for the detection of vehicle vehicles, but also for empty car sampling; highway toll stations or high-grade toll stations on the truck is the vehicle factory calibrated tonnage charges, some load vehicles As much as possible to save the cost of equipment, and sometimes more than 3 times the rated load capacity or more, so not only the road will be due to overloaded vehicles through the damage, and the toll station caused huge economic losses; large highway bridge toll stations need The reasons for the axle weight measurement are basically the same as those of the above toll stations, as well as the factors that protect the safety of large road bridges.

In the detection of overloaded vehicles, not only to measure the overweight value of the fine, but also to produce legal basis, axle weight measurement of electronic truck scale generally meet the following requirements: to measure the axle weight of each vehicle, (Vehicle no load, full load weight and other data); to be able to print the necessary vehicle, the vehicle can be used to store the vehicle's vehicle number, road number; The data.

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