Analysis Of Floor Scale Failure

- May 31, 2017 -

With the widespread use of Floor Scale in all walks of life, its fault analysis and processing also put forward more requirements. Especially for the current load shedding problems frequently occur so that the user needs are not met, so how to use the correct analysis and processing methods have become the main content of the Floor Scale applications. In this paper, we mainly analyze the damage analysis and the direction of the construction.

In recent years, in the logistics, commerce and factories and other fields have gradually introduced the truck scale, mainly because of its weighing items in the accurate, fast and convenient features. However, most of the industry in the face of Floor Scale failure and processing can not start, leading to its can not get a good application effect, so the common fault analysis and handling of load is very important.

First, Floor Scale basic overview

As a more important weighing tool, the truck scale is a relatively new type of electronic weighing instrument in the current society. The working principle is that the truck or the weighing object on the platform of the carrier will transmit gravity to the load cell under the action of gravity, So that the strain gauge bridge with the deformation of the elastic body of the loss of balance, and then through the linear amplifier to the weight of the value and the output is proportional to the signal expansion, and the use of A / D digital signal conversion, then the instrument CPU can be the weight of the signal Display the corresponding weight data, if the computer has a weighing management system, the measurement data can be integrated management.

Second, the common failure analysis

1. Common failure analysis of the way and specific requirements analysis

In the application of the industry grading process, if the fault occurs, should pay attention to its analysis, inspection and conditioning before they can run again. First of all require the relevant personnel to master the basic principles of Floor Scale, check the process can use the resistance voltage measurement method, the original replacement method or intuitive inspection methods such as paragraph load segment inspection, but pay attention to the occurrence of the gap is often a diversity characteristics , Therefore, requires fault analysis and maintenance should be done one after another, and secondly, the analysis and maintenance of the voltage value, the value of electronic components and short circuit or open the situation should be proficient in the situation, re-determine the components of the method and test instrument to use Skilled application, specifically for the current weighbridge weighing display instrument, which is mainly based on integrated circuit microcontroller, the application process to be related to the technical parameters and performance and other aspects need to be understood. Finally, the problems and lessons learned in each troubleshooting process should be summarized, which can provide reference for the maintenance and troubleshooting of future Floor Scale.

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