Scale type

- Apr 05, 2017 -

1, from the structural characteristics can be divided into the dial scale and electronic scale.

2, can be divided into the hook hanging from the form type, road type, shaft type, inline four.

(Monorail electronic hanging scale is mainly used for slaughtering meat, meat wholesale, warehouse stores, rubber, paper and other industries, hanging track weighing of goods. Hook head scales are mainly used in metallurgy, steel, railroads, logistics has a height restriction of large-tonnage cargo weight, such as containers, steel ladle, hot metal ladle, coils, etc. Weight limit is mainly used in metallurgy, logistics, railways, ports, industrial and mining enterprises Crane overload protection in the process. )

(Hook hanging crane scale affect the height of the crane for lifting goods; Lane, axis-type crane crane scales need to be retrofit, affect the crane for maintenance operations while embedded crane scale is loaded in a part of the crane weighing links and does not affect the lift height, nor the crane operation, is a direction for the development of the industry. )

3, explicitly from the readings can be divided into scale body (that is, integration of sensor and scale), the cable operation box displayed (crane operation control), large-screen display instrument display and wireless transmission (and Internet) of four.

(Direct display electronic crane scales are widely used in logistics warehouses, factories, markets and other material in the field of statistics, warehouse stock control, product weight weighing. Wireless data-transmission steel electronic hanging scale widely used in railway terminals, steel metallurgy, energy and mines, factories and other harsh industrial cargo weighing. )

From the sensors can be divided into 4, strain, magnetic, piezoelectric, and capacitive four.

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