Overload detection system

- Apr 05, 2017 -

Lateral inspection system will be accomplished in unattended vehicles real-time monitoring, select overload vehicle to achieve scale overload vehicle management of Expressway, which includes pre-screening system, review systems, video surveillance systems, and four secondary management system of law enforcement systems. Pre check system of function is in many vehicles in the filter out suspicious vehicles, guarantee normal vehicles passage, review system of function is on pre check subsystem filter out of suspicious vehicles for further determine, image monitoring system main is responsible for on pre check/review detection regional, and discharge/warehouse regional and law enforcement Hall and whole system regional within important location of video monitoring, records vehicles information, left for evidence; law enforcement management system main in overload vehicles processing program of based Shang completed related law enforcement guarantees work, Ensure that law enforcement personnel and system operations. Scale overloaded pre-screening system discussed in this paper pre-arrival systems and recheck the system.

Preflight system working principle

Preflight systems including the pre-screening of dynamic weighing system, vehicle license plate recognition system, vehicle alarm system and vehicle boot subsystem. Pre-screening of dynamic weighing system and license plate recognition system is an information-gathering equipment, hardware, software is responsible for reading the two corresponding to the data within the system, and processing and storage. Vehicle warning subsystems and boot subsystem is started after the data processing system. As shown in Figure 1. When the vehicle entered correctly within the detection area at high speed, pre-screening system will complete the current vehicle detection and traffic data collection, weighing, including vehicle registration reads, vehicle data and vehicle guidance and so on.

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