Kitchen scales operating principle

- Apr 05, 2017 -

And weigh the same, kitchen scale is by electronic sensors or the spring scale to determine quality. Compared to speaking, electronic sensing measurement of precision to be higher than the spring.

Selection method

We have learned enough through the 2nd kitchen scale of classification, this will help us select a kitchen scale. General household kitchen scale accuracy is lower than hotels in need of Chinese measurement precision metering accuracy is lower than that of Western-style cakes. Moreover, the mechanical kitchen scale is divided into 1kg,2kg,3kg and 5kg, and precision minimum precision to 5G, suitable for precision and less demanding situations. Electronic kitchen scales for weighing and measuring range 5KG, the minimum precision of 0.1g, currently on the market for general use 2 AA (5th) dry batteries, CR2032 button cell batteries early is embedded (or watch stores in the computer market, computer motherboard battery this battery) has been eliminated. General, an electronic scale only a range and precision of the different ranges of kitchen scales, precision is also relatively different, for example, 5 kg of *1 kg, 7 kg *1 g, 3 kg *0.5 g, 2 kg *0.1 grams, 1 kg of *0.2 kg, 500 g *0.1 g.

According to your requirements to select an appropriate range and precision.

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