Comparative advantages and application prospects of automobile weighing apparatus

- Apr 05, 2017 -

In recent years, the highway truck overload phenomenon is accentuated, based on existing work overload, on Highway truck overload pre-screening system, especially the pre-screening systems and review system, for further research, discusses its working principles, comparative advantages and prospects.

Along with the vigorous development of China's Highway and transportation industry is developing rapidly, particularly Highway, the highway has the advantage of fast, convenient and more, which makes it a high incidence of overload, overload, greatly shortened the highway service life, reduces the quality of transport, roads and bridges has had a serious impact. In addition, the overloaded vehicle has a lot of potential safety hazard, can cause varying degrees of traffic accidents. Ongoing governance of overloaded vehicles, managed by overload detection, excessive reliance on law enforcement personnel, labour intensity and efficiency of law enforcement personnel put forward higher requirements. Address the crux of the matter lies in how to overload the vehicle from the filter out of the vehicle, in view of this, this article on Highway truck overload pre-screening system application research.

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