Shanghai 3 Ton Used Electronic Weighing Floor Scale

Shanghai 3 Ton Used Electronic Weighing Floor Scale

Product Description: The platform scale is the use of new concept design of the new electronic scales. Change the structure of the ordinary platform scale, the four high-precision compact shear beam load cell and junction box installed in the platform on both sides, so that the scale platform...

Product Details

Shanghai 3 Ton Used Electronic Weighing Floor Scale:


Shanghai 3 Ton Used Electronic Weighing Floor Scale Features:

1, ultra-low table structure, the height of only 35 / 45mm

2, scale body material: all stainless steel production. Surface by polishing, drawing treatment.

3, equipped with four stainless steel explosion-proof load cell and explosion-proof junction box.

Fourth, the product highlights:

1, scale height is very low, greatly reducing the labor intensity of the workers on the truck, improve work efficiency.

2, the whole body made of stainless steel, high-end beautiful, waterproof anti-corrosion.

5, ultra-low loadometer Product Specifications and parameters:

Maximum weighing: 500KG, 1T, 1.5t, 2,

Scale platform size 0.8m × 0.8m 1,2m × 1.5m, 1m × 1m, 1.2m × 1.2m

Weighing accuracy: OIML.

Display mode: 6-bit LED display, word height 30.5mm.

Ambient temperature: Sensor: -20 - +40 degrees.

Weighing meters: 0 - +40 degrees.

Ambient humidity: <90% RH, but should not be dew.

Power supply voltage: AC 220V + 10%, 50Hz.

DC 6V4Ah.

Rated power: <5W.

Shanghai 3 Ton Used Electronic Weighing Floor Scale Parameter:


Floor Scale Products Show:

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Q: What is the payment terms?

A: 40%T/T in advance,the balance 60% to be paid based on the copy of B/L. 

Q: What is the delivery time?

A: Within 15 days after receipt of your deposit..

Q: What is the validity time of the quotation?

A: 15 days since quotation date.

Q: What is the product certificate?

A: ISO9001, OIML, CE.

Q: What is the MOQ?

A: 1 set.

Q: Are you a manufacturer?

A:Yes, we are a manufacturer, and we can provide the competitive price and good quality.

Q: Will you have some discount?

A:Yes, we will provide a good discount to customers who bring repeat orders or large orders..

If you have another question, pls feel free to send contact as below:     

Tel:+86-21-5223 1679/6784 2217

Fax:+86-21-6192 7269

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